September 2015 sets new 'hottest month' record

The planet is getting warmer, and no amount of arguing is changing that fact. Enter 2015, a year full of record-breaking months, not the least of which is September. According to the latest NOAA report, September followed the trend set by February, March, May, June, July and August before it, and is now officially the hottest among all Septembers to have ever been recorded. That's not the only significant part of the news; September also saw the largest rise above average for any month ever recorded over the last 100+ years.

The information comes from NOAA, which recently released its latest report detailing last month's global temperatures. The average temperature across the globe made September the hottest since record keeping started in the late 1800s. This record warmth came with a high margin, however, which make it all the more concerning.

So far, the majority of the top ten hottest months on record are from this year and last, with the earlier of them all being February 1998. Half a dozen of the top ten hottest months are from 2015; as such, this year could end up being the hottest year on record.

NOAA breaks the data down by region, and for specific weather events, such as rainfall. You can view the full breakdown for your region and others in the full NOAA report. It sums it all up, though, saying:

Most of the world's land areas were much warmer than average, falling within the top 10 percent of their historical temperature range for the January–September period, as indicated by the Temperature Percentiles map above. These regions include nearly all of South America, Africa, Eurasia, and western North America, with record warmth particularly notable across much of South America and part of central Siberia.

VIA: Washington Post