SensorFresh Q - The nose knows

If you look in my refrigerator and freezer (please don't) you're sure to find a variety of strange foods in there. Granted, at one time the foods probably weren't that strange, but after a while, they begin to take on their own forms and start growing. Now if only there were a way to tell which things were good, and which ones should go in a biohazard bag.

The SensorFresh Q can at least help sniff out which of your raw meats you should throw out. It measures the bacteria that is currently making its home on your frozen steak.

Now if they would just make something that would remind me to throw out my leftovers after a few days. There's nothing worse than thinking something is fresh, only to find out it's been in there for a few weeks when you go to smell it.

Sensor sniffs out meat gone bad [via crave]