Sennheiser PC-163D & PC-333D Gaming Headphones Due by Early September

Sennheiser isn't a stranger to the gaming world. They've released plenty of headphones in the past, targeted specifically for the gamers out there. This time around, the company has officially announced the PC-163D and PC-333D gaming headphones, featuring plenty to get both the casual and hardcore gamer excited about immersing themselves in their digital world.

The PC-333D makes use of the higher model number, by featuring just a little bit more — even if it is just a means to an end, versus the lower model numbered 163D. Both headsets feature 7.1 surround sound, which means you'll be perfectly capable of hearing from which direction someone is running up on you, and can react accordingly. Additionally, both headsets feature an adjustable mic boom, along with the now standard noise cancellation.

The differences come next. For the PC-333D, your volume control is actually integrated into the left ear cup. Additionally, you can mute the microphone by raising it, instead of having to worry about an extra button or slider. As for the PC-163D headset, the volume control and mute option are on the actual headphone cord. The 163D is also open style headset, meaning you won't have your ears completely covered by them. While the 333D are over-the-ears, so you should be plenty immersed in whatever it is you're playing. Both headsets aren't available right now, but are scheduled to release later this month, or by early September. No word on pricing quite yet.

[via GearLog]