Sennheiser announces MX W1 unconnected ear buds

Wow, these are pretty cool. Brand new from Sennheiser, these wireless earbuds are completely unconnected, offering up greater mobility and an added stylish flair. However, they are currently only available for the Japanese market.

Each earbud is completely independent from the other, though they do work in conjunction. Each features a 2.4GHz wireless receiver. Plus, they can stay charged for up to 10 hours at a time. They also feature a "twist-to-fit" design, making it so the earbuds stay in your ears securely. Four earbuds are included, so two people can listen through the same transmitter at a time.

One potential problem here, however, is that though wireless and bandless earbuds might seem like a great convenience, what happens if they do fall out of your ears? It seems they would be lost much easier than if they had been attached by a wire. The price is considerable at $630, putting them way out of the price range of many. What do you think about the wireless design? Good idea, or no?

[via Gadget Review]