Sennheiser and Adidas team up on HD 25 DJ headphones

Sennheiser Audio and Adidas have teamed up for a new set of headphones that are perfect for music fans and ninja DJs too. The headphones are called the HD 25 Originals and have a black and blue design with the three Adidas stripes that we are all familiar with. The headphones are designed for comfort on the street.

Sennheiser says that the headphones have a high maximum sound pressure level and a detachable one-sided cable. They ship with a carry bag and an adapter that allow use with 6.3mm audio ports. The headphones have a frequency response of 16-22000 Hz and a sound pressure level of 120 dB.

The cable is 1.5m long and the normal adapter is 3.5mm and will fit into most music devices like the iPod and iPhone. The headphones weigh 162g. If you want to pick up a set, you can get them online and in Apple stores for £224.99.