ThermoPeanut is a smart temp monitor for every nook and cranny has a small smart temperature monitor called ThermoPeanut (it does kind of resemble a peanut) that can be stuck just about anywhere to keep track of the area's temperatures. Inside of the fridge is one example, if you're particularly concerned about the temp getting too high; you could stick one in your bedroom or the basement, behind your electronics in the entertainment system, or even in the car. Temperature data both past and present can then be accessed from your mobile device.

The ThermoPeanut itself is quite small and sticks onto a surface; the sensor connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth Smart and then uses that connection to send over temperature data. The image below shows the related SensePeanut mobile app and the various ways the temperature data is presented (more pics in the gallery below). suggests a variety of locations where the sensor might come in handy — inside of the dog house, for example, if you're concerned about it getting too hot during certain times of the day, or in the baby's room. You could even clip it to your shirt or bag and have it gather temperature data while you're out and about, lending insight into the day's various temps.

The app will send you alerts when a sensor detects a temperature exceeding some set upper limit, such as if the baby's room gets too hot. More than one device can get data from a ThermoPeanut, as long as the devices are authorized on it. The sensor is also compatible with both IFTTT and "Works with Nest" for expanded uses, such as helping Nest work to reduce energy usage.

ThermoPeanut is available through's website now for $29 USD.