Semantic Experiences open new conversations with Google's AI

Google has launched a new website called Semantic Experiences that enables the public to interact with its natural language artificial intelligence. Semantic Experiences currently has two different interactive options, one called Talk to Books, the other called Semantris. While the latter is an amusing game, Talk to Books is notable as a useful tool that can help people find books.

Google has spent years developing natural language technologies that enable machines to understand phrases the way people naturally state them. Semantic Experiences is another way to experience that technology. The demonstrations show examples of ways the machine learning technology can be used to power applications.

First among them is Semantris, an interactive game that has users input words that are associated with others on the screen. Scores are given based on how well the provided word relates to the other words already on the screen. The game is presented in two forms: "Arcade" and "Blocks." The big difference between the two is Arcade's time limit versus Blocks' lack of a timer.

Joining Semantris is Talk to Books, a demo that allows users to enter a natural language phrase into a text box. The system searches books for similar phrases, showing users which books contain them. The demo is based on models that were trained using a billion "conversation-like pairs of sentences," says Google. More than 100,000 tools are searchable in the demo.

Users can enter phrases or questions, with Google providing some to get people started, including, "What smell brings back great memories?" "This capability is unique and can help you find interesting books that a keyword search might not surface," says Google, explaining why the application is useful.

Anyone can try the Talk to Books and Semantris demos for free online.

SOURCE: Google Research Blog