Self Supporting Shelf is simple, elegant, and needs to be built

I know that I have often wished I had more shelves in my closet, especially in the closet where I tend to keep all the electronic junk I collect. I tend to just pile the stuff on the floor until the door won't shut, then it migrates to the garage before finally being given away.

The problem with adding more shelves is that I would have to go get some wood and nail the shelf into the closet wall, which is a pain. A new concept shelf from a designer named Sam Drury is so simple that I can't believe it's not already available. The thing is an extendable shelf that wedges itself in the closet by pressing on each side.

You can extend the shelf to fit different sizes and it can be removed just as easily as it is installed. This would mean no cutting hammering, or drilling. This thing could be great for people wanting more storage without much effort, assuming the concept could be brought to market cheaply enough.