Seinfeld is turning 30 and Hulu is celebrating with a new Apple TV feature

Somehow, Seinfeld is turning 30 years old today. If that little fact didn't spark an exestential crisis and you're still with us, then good news: you can celebrate Seinfeld's 30th anniversary by using Hulu's new shuffle functionality to pull up a random episodes of the legendary sitcom. Hulu is rolling out this feature today, and it allows you to create a randomized playlist of Seinfeld episodes.

Seinfeld in particular is well-suited for a shuffle button, as each episode is generally a self-contained story that's wrapped up by the end. There are some seasons that have overarching stories, but for the most part, you can dive in at any point of the series and not be lost as a result.

Hulu announced this new functionality by way of a tweet today, which you can see embedded above. For now, the shuffle button is only available on Apple TV while watching Seinfeld, so you're limited when it comes to both platform and content. If you make a habit of watching Hulu through Apple TV and you happen to like Seinfeld, then you've got a new feature to play around with this weekend, but everyone else is being left out in the cold for now.

Thankfully, it may not be long before we see this functionality spread to other platforms and content on Hulu as well. In a reply elsewhere in that thread, Hulu Support said that it hopes "to bring episode shuffle to more content and devices in the future," while saying that interested users can hop over to the Hulu Community to vote for that idea to be implemented.

So, here's hoping that we'll see this feature land on other platforms soon, because for now, this roll out is pretty limited in scope. If you do have an Apple TV, then you can find this feature – labeled "Yada Yada Yada" – by heading to the Seinfeld page.