Segway Recalled Over 23000 Units Due to Software Problem

Over 23000 Segway has recalled in order to fix a software problem that caused the Segway to spontaneously go in reverse when user is trying to go forward. The fix can be easily applied at the dealership where you bought the Segway. So far it's been reported that six people are injured because of the problem with their Segway. The models affected are the Segway PT i167, i170 and i180 ("i Series") models, the p133 ("p Series"), XT ("cross-terrain transporter"), GT ("golf transporter"), i2 models, and all e167 ("e Series") models. This is the 2nd recall for Segway, the first recall was in 2003 where 6000 units was effected.Injury risk prompts recall of all Segways [via cnet]