Sega's Toylet Gaming Urinal Goes On Sale To The Public

Sega made quick a splash early last year when it introduced its unique video game product called the "Toylet" in Japan. As per its name, it's part toy, part toilet. The contraption uses the male's gift for bodily fluid projection to act as a game control mechanic. A special sensor placed inside the urinal is able to measure volume and pressure of the stream. If you haven't seen this over the last 16 months, believe us; it's real.

A video display is mounted at the top of the device, allowing gamers to see how their aim and the strength of their flow are affecting the gameplay. What kind of games are available through this most unique of game consoles? There is one that revolves around filling cans of coffee, another that depicts a guy squirting milk out of his nose, and yet another where a player's stream is represented on the screen as a gust of wind, with the goal being to blow the wind up a girl's skirt.

Ahem. Did we mention this is only available in Japan? Because even if we didn't, you could probably have guessed that anyway. Where else would it be possible to buy your own gaming urinal? The Toylet, with all its bells and whistles, is being sold for 140,000 yen (around $1,750). Each game costs a whopping 10,000 yen ($125). Who wouldn't want to decorate their own bathroom with one of these?

[via Wired]