Sega offers up Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe and more for free

Everyone loves getting free stuff. Unless it's junk mail, which while free, is still junk. But I'm talking about getting something that you'd actually pay for, for free. And right now, Sega is giving away some classic games that will take you back a few years.

Sega has been asking users to "Make war, not love" by choosing their favorite war games. During each round, they put up three different games that you can vote on as your favorite. Each game is discounted by 75% on Steam, and whichever comes out on top gets some free DLC that you can pick up. Pretty neat, right? Well that's not all.

To get people extra excited about the promotion, they're also giving away a new classic game from their archives every 48 hours. Currently, they have three different games that anyone can pick up on Steam, free of charge. They're not some no-name titles that you've never heard of. Two of them were actually pretty popular back in their day.

The games are Golden Axe, Hell Yeah!, and Jet Set Radio. If you've been itching to skate around the city listening to some great tunes, or just beat up some baddies in a classic side-scrolling brawler, then this is definitely your lucky day. Just head over to the promotion page to cast your vote, or you can skip all of that, and head directly to the Steam Page, where you can pick up your freebies.