Sega Dreamcast Zip Drive - Get yours on eBay for $10k

People that own Sega Dreamcast systems are dedicated to their console. I'll admit that it does seem like an awesome console, especially since it apparently just won't die. Unfortunately, I never got one, though I've seriously considered it for a while. What I won't get is a Zip Drive for it.

What, you don't have a Zip Drive for your Dreamcast either? That's really not much of a surprise considering the fact that one was never commercially produced. Apparently the project was scrapped shortly after the first working unit was created. That unit is now up for grabs on eBay. How much you ask? Only ten thousand bucks.

I'm pretty sure that this guy is off his rocker. I get that it's likely the only one in existence, but $10,000 is still a lot of money. I do hope that whoever ends up with this thing is a hacker that puts it to good use and not some collector that will set it behind a glass case. That being said, I'm actually a bit skeptical of this, as there's nothing on the unit to tell us it is the real deal. The old "it's pre-production" excuse is only going to get so far. Until someone confirms that this is the real thing, I doubt the guy is going to get ten grand for it.

Prototype Sega Dreamcast Zip Drive on eBay [via dcnews]