Seervision software with AI assist can operate multiple cameras from one PC

Seervision has unveiled new software that can operate cameras as if it was a human, making video production easier and less time-consuming. Seervision has roots at ETH Z├╝rich, where students developed a prototype in the past for recording lectures. Researchers note that the coronavirus pandemic has made video a critical communication tool for businesses and education.

One challenge for those trying to communicate via video during the pandemic is in delivering high-quality videos that stand out from the crowd. Seervision's software can automate cameras in any studio so one person can operate and control multiple cameras simultaneously. The software aims to allow companies to produce professional videos without having to worry about as much cost and complexity.

The Seervision solution combines artificial intelligence, image recognition, and predictive mathematical models. It can anticipate the person's movement in the image and pan the cameras as if they were human-operated. The software is compatible with cameras from various manufacturers making the technology flexible and versatile.

With the software installed, one person can comfortably control the entire video recording and adjust the shot framing while integrating presentation slides and videos from the computer in any location. The software will function for any type of event ranging from sports events to business presentations.

Seervision learned in its early days that developing hardware for the consumer industry is a complicated tasks. They started with an action camera and an intelligent pivoting camera mount that never made it past the prototype stage. The software stemmed from those early hardware developments, and the company chose to focus on developing software rather than hardware products.