Secret agent cam

Want to feel like James Bond? Any product that can give me that feeling is good in my book. Granted, this gadget is no exploding pen or exploding chewing gum. In fact, it doesn't explode at all, but it does do plenty of other things.

This little guy packs 5 different functions into a tiny package. It has a camera that can take up to 2,000 640x480 photos, a webcam that can hold 10 minutes of 320x240 resolution video at 15fps, or it acts as a standard webcam when attached to your pc, a voice recorder that holds 120 minutes of recording. To top it off, it's a USB flash drive as well.

Q would certainly be proud of this little guy. Although I'm sure he could have managed to fit more than 128MB of memory into it. You can get yours now for only $195.

CG Secret Agent Edition: 5-In-1 Webcam [via crunchgear]