Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD Offers Capacity And Performance For Thin Mobile Devices

Hard drive maker Seagate has announced a new storage device designed specifically for thin mobile devices. The hard drive is called the Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD and it promises seven times more storage capacity than a traditional 64 GB tablet with the same power needs. The storage device is a traditional hard drive promising the power, performance, and reliability of a flash device.

Seagate says that it addressed multiple areas beyond standard laptop hard drives to optimize the device for mobile applications. These areas include shock management, heat and vibration management, and the management of gyroscopic motion. Seagate says that all of those have been tested to ensure the best experience in a tablet solution for users.

The Ultra Mobile HDD uses Seagate's Dynamic Data Driver software taking advantage of multiple system design considerations such as reduce power consumption and improved performance. The drive uses intelligent caching implementing at the system level. The results of those implementations is that a mobile device using 8 GB of flash storage and one using the Ultra Mobile HDD with the Dynamic Data Driver software has power consumption equal that of a 64 GB tablet.

The performance is equal to that of a 16 GB tablet while costing less than either of the other solutions. The hard drive is equipped with a Seagate Zero Gravity Sensor to protect the drive and the drive consumes as little as 0.14 W of power. The drive is 2.5-inches and only 5 mm thick with a weight of 3.3 ounces. It has 500 GB storage capacity.

SOURCE: Seagate