Seagate Momentus 5400 PSD

Hybrid hard drives from Seagate are all the new rage. So you can't afford an SSD drive for your laptop and the power loss from a traditional HDD is killing your battery life, what can you do?

Well Seagate has come up with a compromise, a hard drive that has some flash storage but the large majority of the storage is on a standard HDD. I think they could do a slight better job by adding about 4GB of high speed flash storage to a drive and allowing it to be addressed as a separate drive so you can install your OS on it, use it for ReadyBoost, or just assign it as the page file, but that's just me.

Seagate has been in this business a lot longer than I have so they probably know better what the market will support and what's necessary and compatible with today's hardware and software. But the 256MB that this system offers up is sufficient for now and should reduce power usage as well as speed up boot times.

New Hybrid Hard Drive Aims to Lighten Load for Laptop Batteries [via technewsworld]