Seagate boasts of the fastest SSD flash drive at 10 GB/s

Samsung may have just recently revealed the world's largest single SSD drive, with a capacity of 16 TB, but Seagate is trying to compete in a different arena. Instead of data capacity, what it is showing off is an SSD drive that is considerably faster than the fastest SSD in the market. With a throughput performance of 10 GB/s, Seagate plans on further expanding its empire with blazingly fast storage solutions to answer the ever growing needs of businesses, especially those running servers and other data services.

If not for their higher price tags, SSDs would have quickly replaced traditional, plate-based HDDs in the market due to their better reliability and faster performance. While SSDs have indeed become more affordable, the amount of data we produce each day quickly outpaces development and supply.

Storage capacity, however, isn't the only critical consideration. Being able to access stored data, or write it quickly in the first place, is just as important. This is especially important with the equally growing market of 4K devices and content, where data I/O isn't just a luxury. Seagate's new SSD boasts of a performance that is marked as 4 GB/s faster than whatever is currently the fastest in the SSD market. Such a flash drive would probably be a dream come true for businesses like cloud storage providers, web servers, or those that need number crunching stats machines.

You might expect this flash drive to cost a fortune, and you're probably right, at least once it does hit the market. But Seagate isn't done yet. The current model it has is compatible with 16-lane PCIe slots. It has a second unit in development, one that uses an 8-lane slot only. While naturally slower, it will still boast of a speed of 6.7 GB/s, which Seagate claims is still the fastest in the 8-lane category.

Both SSD drives will be demonstrated at the Open Compute Project Summit this week in California. No manufacturing or retail details have been offered.