Scythe Gouriki 3 PSU breaks cover

Scythe has a lot of cooling gear for CPUs and the company makes more than just cooling products. The latest new product to hit market from Scythe is a new series of PSUs for computers called Gouriki 3. The PSU comes in three different versions with different power ratings.

The power ratings include 500W, 600W, and a 700W unit. All of the PSUs are 80 Plus bronze certified and measure 150 x 155 x 86mm. The cooling system is a single 140mm fan spinning at different speeds depending on the power rating. The 500W unit is 1100rpm, the 600W unit is 1200 rpm, and the 700w unit is 1450 rpm.

The fan in the PSU case is controlled automatically and will spin slower than the max speed I listed if the load on the machine is lighter. All three models have a single 12V rail and use the Intel ATX 2.3 recommended configuration. Pricing and availability are unknown.