Sculpteo makes 3D figures of your whole family

3D printing is a really cool way to make all those things that you can dream up into real physical items. The catch is that most 3D printers are more than the person who just wants to tinker can afford. If you ever wanted to be your own action figure, Scuplteo will 3D print your design or one of theirs for you and it's really cool.

You can send in your family photo and Sculpteo will make each person in the picture into their own 3D character. The finished creations are painted and you can put them into a bunch of different outfits as well as choose the hairstyle.

Scuplteo also offers design software on the site to make your 3D model. The process is cool and the finished products appear to have a texture to them that looks a bit like sand. The only downside is that the avatars are expensive at about $74.90 each for custom offerings.