Scribd takes on Amazon with its own original ebooks and audiobooks

Scribd, the document-hosting company that slowly transformed into an ebook destination, has launched its own original content. Simply called Scribd Originals, the new roster includes original content from a selection of authors, all of it available exclusively through Scribd. The launch is akin to Amazon's Audible Originals program, which offers original audiobook content exclusive to its platform.

Unlike Audible Originals, which involve audiobooks, Scribd Originals are focused on content spanning multiple genres offered both in ebook and audiobook formats. The company points out that originals are a great option for unlimited subscription reading services like the one offered by the company.

Scribd says it will work directly with both authors and publishers on drawing in readers from beyond traditional book releases. Authors benefit from the company's personalized recommendation engine, at least according to Scribd, because readers are shown new content based on what they already enjoy reading.

Amazon currently offers anyone the ability to publish their own ebooks, something Scribd is officially competing with. The company states:

Scribd Originals will take the form of entirely new content or extensions of existing short-form works that an author feels are deserving of more attention. Authors are free to experiment with stories they might want to expand into full books, movies, and tv series down the road.

The first Scribd Original is now available, and it's called Mueller's War. Scribd has a number of authors currently on board with its new program, including Paul Theroux, Hilton Als, Roxane Gay, Mark Seal, and Garrett Graff.