Scosche unveils new revive II dual USB chargers for iPad and iPhone

Scosche is a prolific maker of accessories that usually have to do with keeping your Apple devices charged up and running. The company has a line of chargers that lets the multiple gadget toting geek recharge several gadgets at once and some cool external batteries like the solBATT II.

Scosche has announced a new updated version of the revive II dual USB charger with version for the car and versions for the home. The new chargers are optimized for charging things like your iPhone and the iPad at once.

The new versions have dual USB ports with one port offering 1 Amp and the other offering 2.1 Amp. The iPad will charge when plugged into either port, but the fastest charging for the iPad is with the 2.1 Amp port. The car version will sell for $24.99 and the home version will cost $29.99 with both shipping in late spring.