Scosche reVIVE II Brings USB Charging for the iPad on the Go

If you're one of the hundreds of thousands of folks to pick up the iPad a little over ten days ago, then you've probably noticed that your new tablet has some trouble charging while plugged into a PC's USB port. While Apple has pulled together a helpful page to fix your concern, we understand if you're tired of bringing around that AC wall plug with you everywhere you go. It would be much better to charge while you're driving, right? Then the Scosche reVIVE II with its iPad-optimized USB port is the perfect gift for you.

Scosche introduced their reVIVE II accessories a few days after the launch of the iPad, but as the communication grew around the lack of charging via PC USB ports, there's never been more of a reason to showcase them here. With a wall charger and a car charger to choose from, you'll probably be fully covered if you buy both (despite the fact Apple happily includes an AC plug for you, in the box). Both chargers come with two USB ports, one of which is of the higher powered sort, so that you can actually charge your iPad while on the go. The other port is for every other mobile device that you can charge with a USB cable.

So, if you've been staring at that whole "Not Charging" logo at the top-right of your iPad while you're syncing your new tablet to iTunes and you're teeth can't stand the grinding anymore, go ahead and pick up these two accessories. You can order both of them right now: the home charger will cost you $29.99, while the car charger will pull a cool $24.99 out of your wallet. You decide whether or not that's too expensive.

[via Hot Hardware]