Scosche offers cellControl device that blocks bad habits while driving

I think most people understand that using a phone to text or email can be dangerous when behind the wheel. I think most people continue to do it because they don't think anything will happen to them. If you have a teen that you want to stop from texting and driving or if you yourself need a bit of help to not text and drive, Scosche has a new product called cellControl that will do it.CellControl is a system that has a hardware dongle that plugs into the OBD-II port under the dash on cars that has been there for years. If your ride is newer than 1996, you should have the port. You plug in the hardware dongle and install software on the phone the person in the car uses. The dongle senses when the car is moving and activates the software on the phone.

That software will block anything you deem unsafe like texting, voice calls, email, and more. This might be a good way to block workers from driving and talking as well for a company running a vehicle fleet. The cellControl device is available now for $129.95. The software required for the system is available for Android 2.1 and above, all BlackBerry 4.5 and above, all Windows Mobile 5 & 6, all Symbian S60 (3rd Edition) and select Brew and BREWMP systems. Note the lack of iPhone support and the mobile phone must have a data plan to use the software.