Scosche launches new kickback P1 iPad case

Scosche has pulled a new case of the iPad out of its bag of tricks and the new case looks really cool. The case is called the kickBack hybrid and promises to protect your tablet and to make watching video and doing other things on the tablet more comfortable thanks to lifting the screen up at a better angle.

The case is made from polycarbonate and has shock resistant rubber in the build as well. The case has two levels with one propping the iPad up high for viewing the screen, and the other with a lesser angle that is for comfortable typing.

The case is only offered in white/gray colors. It makes the iPad look like the preferred tablet for Storm Troopers. The kickback P1 sells for $59.99 and is in stock right now for shipment. This will make a good case for the business type that does all sorts of stuff with their iPad.