Scosche IDR655m, IDR355m, IDR355md, and IDR305m headphones now shipping

Back during CES Scosche announced a new set of headphones aimed at the iPod and iPhone user called the IDR655m. At the time we had a few facts about the headphones, but didn't know when they would ship and how much they would cost.Scosche has now announced that the IDR655m headphones are shipping along with three other sets including the IDR355m, IDR355md, and IDR305m. The 655m are the high-end headphones with 11mm drivers and multiple ear tips for a comfortable fit. They will sell for $99.95 and are available now.

All of the headphones have the tapLINE II Remote and Mic that allows for easier control over music and phone calls with a mic close to the users lips. The 355m and 355md have the same silicon inserts as the 655 and come with changeable color caps for a custom look. The 355m will sell for $54.99, the 355md will sell for $54.99 and the 305 will sell for $39.95 exclusively at Apple retail stores.