Scooter Gets Flamethrower Attached, We're Glad It's Illegal

Sometimes, only sometimes, we can understand why some people have uncontrollable road rage. After all, there are some terrible drivers out there. But, we're of the mind that two wrongs don't make a right; and, well, this is definitely a wrong. But, we have to give credit where credit is due, and this is a pretty fantastic use of technological ingenuity. You just might want to keep your distance.

Meet Colin Fruze. He's 30, and a resident of Lincolnshire, Great Britain. Apparently, he's tired of being tail-gated by other angry British drivers. After he initially tested the flamethrower on a BMX bike, he managed to rig the dangerous device to the back of his moped. The one he drives around town, when he's getting groceries and the like. The flamethrower can shoot the flames up to 12 feet out of the nozzle, and Colin managed to make it all happen with a simple push of a button. Pretty amazing, once you take away the whole "danger" part of it.

So, should you be afraid the next time you land in Lincolnshire? Probably not. For one, it's a moped. You can probably out-run the thing, right? But, even if you can't, law enforcement officials have thankfully deemed the entire flame-throwing rig illegal, so Fruze won't be driving it around any time soon. Though, we are happy that he got to drive it just long enough for these photos to be snapped. Because, well, they are fantastic. Our only question: Do we mark this under Do It Yourself?

[via Gizmowatch]