Scientists Using Ultrasonic Waves to Move Small Objects, Sonic Screwdriver Style

There's no hiding the fact that several ideas that we see every day in the real world, have stemmed from concepts thought up within that of a science fiction-based reality. While time travelling may not be happening right now, scientists are still working hard on the idea, trying to make it real. But, what about something like the sonic screwdriver, which has become a standard utensil used by The Doctor, from Doctor Who? According to a professor from Bristol, UK, it looks like the sonic screwdriver may become a reality sooner than later.

At least, the technology that makes the sonic screwdriver in the show useful. Some engineers believe that ultrasonic waves can, and will, be used to move, and manipulate, small objects. Using the waves, which are operating beyond what human's can hear, students are investigating how they can be used to turn things like screws. And some medical researchers are using ultrasonic waves to actually separate diseased cells within the body from healthy ones.

Could those in the medical field, or even those in the manufacturing field, start using devices like Doctor Who's sonic screwdriver before too long? It seems certainly possible. Especially considering the fields are already using ultrasonic waves to make things happen. Plus, who wouldn't want a sonic screwdriver?

[via DVICE]