Scientists unveil chips that plug into your brain

Something about the word cyborg has always fascinated and weirded me out at the same time. I mean, it would be so cool to have something that would allow me to interface with modern electronics, or have superhuman strength. But then again, I know that technology doesn't last forever, and is at some point going to be in need of repair. So I really don't feel like going into a repair shop just to have my arm looked at.

But here's something that might be pretty cool. It's a chip that can talk with live brain cells. It's pretty small too, measuring in at just about a millimeter. The idea is for the chips to interact with your brain and restore memories.

So they're working on a chip that can hold memories. Now if they could just make some sort of external connection so that you could download those memories. That would be pretty cool. You could literally pass down your knowledge onto your children. Sounds pretty cool to me.

Body Upgrades: Replacement Silicon Brain Cells [via medgadget]