Scientist says dinosaurs suffered from arthritis too

Millions of people around the world suffer from varying degrees of arthritis. Arthritis is a degenerative condition that usually gets worse as we age. Humans aren't the only creatures that have ever suffered from the condition. According to a scientist that has been studying an 8 m long pilosaurus skeleton, evidence of an arthritis like disease in the animals jaw has been discovered.

Doctor Judith Sassoon from Bristol University discovered the condition when studying a specimen at the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery. When the Pilosaurus swam the primordial oceans millions of years ago it had 20 cm long teeth able to rip other animals in half. The animal had a crocodile-like head a short neck and a body similar to that of a whale.

While studying the skeleton, Doctor Sassoon discovered signs of the degenerative condition in animals jaw similar to human arthritis. The condition had eroded the animals left jaw joint and displaced the lower jaw one side. Sassoon believes that the dinosaur continued to feed despite the condition by noting marks on the jawbone. However, an unusual fracture in the area shows that eventually the jaw broke, likely leading to the death of the animal.

[via Telegraph]