SchultzeWORKS unveils Luna Robot concept

Many people are like me and think it would be cool to have a robot in the house if that robot could actually do things that are useful. I don't just want a toy robot that is going to cost thousands of dollars, I want a robot that can clean up or mow the yard. I don't think the tech is here yet for that, but we are getting closer every day. A new concept robot has turned up called the Luna. Luna is a very tall robot and has little arms and even a digital face.

Luna is described as the world's first personal robot that integrates three features that are important. The bot is expandable via expansion ports, is fully programmable with open standards, and is affordable. Exactly what Luna would cost to build or buy isn't mentioned and affordable to one man is expensive to another. The hardware the makes the robot work isn't noted in the press release for the design.

I would imagine it is a small PC in the base powered by Linux or another free open source OS that controls the robot. "We conducted an exhaustive search for a design studio who could deliver exceptional design within the context of a technical and engineering challenge that is inherently entailed in bringing world's first personal robot to market." said Fred Nikgohar, CEO of RoboDynamics. "With SchultzeWORKS, we found a partner who has enabled our company to articulate an exceptional visual and artistic design, while simultaneously helping us mitigate the stringent technical and quality standards contained within Luna. This ability to work both within an artistic and technical framework is indeed a rare gift that Dave and his team brought to the table for us."

[via SchultzWORKS]