Sceptre unveils new TV stands that require no tools to assemble

Over the years, I have built more than my share of those cheap unassembled TV stands, entertainment centers, and desks. You almost need an engineering degree to figure out exactly how the assembly process goes and you need several tools along with some glue to build the stuff.Sceptre has been making some cool and interesting TVs for a while now and the company has announced a new line of entertainment centers and TV stand furniture that is the unassembled style, but needs no tools for the assembly. The line includes the Oracle, Stello, and Delano. They are sized differently and are intended for different size TVs. The real news here is the way the TV stands are put together by the user though.

The stuff has an accordion style design that unfolds and it appears that shelves and cross section give the stand its shape. You can see the construction process in the video below. The promise is that you can have the entertainment center out of the box and constructed in only a few minutes. The line will launch next month with prices from $299 to $499.