Sceptre 19-inch LED HDTV has integrated DVD player

If you need a new HDTV for a smaller room with little space, you might want to consider the new 19-inch offering from Sceptre. The new TV is called the E195BD-SHD+ and it weighs in at under 7.3 pounds on the stand. The TV is interesting because it has an integrated DVD player on the side so you don't need another component in the room to watch movies.

The 19-inch screen supports resolutions of 1366 x 768 and has three HDMI ports on the back, which is a lot for a small 19-inch set. Sceptre claims that the TV is the fist in the industry of the screen size that offers three HDMI ports. The extra ports allow the TV to be used as a computer monitor as well. The actual viewable image size is 18.5-inches.

The set has brightness rating of 250 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio that is typically 1000:1. The panel response time is 5ms. Other than the three HDMI ports the TV also has a USB port, headphone port, SPDIF, RF port, and a VGA port. Other connectivity includes composite and component. The TV is available now for $249.99 at retail stores around the country.