Sanyo Xacti E2 is waterproof and pocket-sized

Brenda Barron - Sep 4, 2008, 2:20am CDT
Sanyo Xacti E2 is waterproof and pocket-sized

Sanyo is known for their super slim handheld cameras the their latest Xacti E2 falls right in line with its predecessors. It can take stills, video and you can even submerge it under five feet of water. The question should be, what can’t this thing do?

This latest Sanyo offering still has the “pistol grip” design and it’s super tiny. However, much of the complaints regarding these cameras has had to do with their picture quality in the past. It remains to be seen if this new one delivers in that area, but its specs are rather impressive.

With 8 megapixels for stills and “face chaser” technology, the Xacti E8 may very well show itself to be an impressive camera.

Check out the rest of the specs below:

Records MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video at 640×480 pixels
8 megapixel still images
60 fps video recording (in TV-HR mode)
5 frames per second still image shooting (at 2 Megapixels)
Face Chaser technology
Capacity: 8 hours of video or 2000 8-megapixel still images on a single 8GB SDHC memory card
2.5-inch LCD
CMOS sensor
5x optical zoom
Image stabilizer
2.8 by 4.4 by 1.6 inches
9.1 ounces

[via Gadget Lab at Wired]

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