Sanyo unveils PLC-XM150/150L and PLC-XM100-100L projectors for large venues

Sanyo makes all sorts of electronics and products for the home theater and business user. Today Sanyo has unveiled a couple new projectors with lots of lumens that are good for large venues or rooms with lots of light. The projectors are the PLC-XM150/150L and PLC-XM100/100L. The big feature of both projectors is high brightness with 6000 lumens and 5000 lumens respectively.

Sanyo uses a new optical engine for both projectors with an inorganic liquid crystal panel. The light efficiency of the new projectors is 20% higher than compared to conventional models. These features make the projectors good for well-lit rooms and large convention halls.

Both the projectors also use the Sanyo active filter system with filter rolls that are good for 10,000 hours to keep intakes and vents clean. Five different lens options are available for the projector to customize the units to the venue being used. Other specifications include a resolution of 1024 x 768, 4:3 aspect ratio, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 40" to 400" screen sizes and DVI-D and other inputs. The PLC-XM140 projector sells for $5,460 and will ship in mid-November. The PLC-XM100 will sell for $4,349 and will ship mid-December. The projectors with part number ending in L sell without lenses.