Sanyo puts Xacti to good use, Full HD Networked Surveillance Cam implemented

In an effort to reduce development process to fabricate a much competitive and high resolution surveillance camera in the increasingly popular security-segment of digital camera industry; Sanyo turned to its company's 4MP production camcorder, whipped out a full HD resolution networked surveillance Camera based on the goodies and image processing engine from the "Xacti" camcorder.

The VCC-HDN1(S) featured a 1/2.5-inch CMOS sensor from Sony with pixel resolution size of 4MP, but captured videos are resized and stored into a much smaller 2MP 1920x1080 format. It also packed a 10x optical zoom lens and is said to have comparable features much like the Xacti according to Nikkie.

Sanyo also revealed plan to employ a high resolution automotive security camera in Megapixel resolution instead of the typical 300K pixels' offerings (VGA) from competitors.

The camera has a suggested retail price of ¥294,000 (approx US$3,254), and Sanyo will produce 500 units of the "Xacti" surveillance Camera per month.