Sanyo outs PLC-HF10000L QuaDrive projector for large venues

Sanyo has unveiled a new projector for large venues that costs as much as a nice car. The projector is called the PLC-HF10000L large venue projector with QuaDrive tech built-in. The projector is the first to use the QuaDrive technology and has a 2K resolution and 10,000 ANIS lumens of brightness. The resolution of the projector is 2048 x 1080.

The QuaDrive engine allows a yellow control device to be added to the traditional red, blue, and green elements of the 3LCD system. The addition of the yellow controller allows a better image and improves the color accuracy of the projector and allows for more brightness.

The contrast ratio of the projector is 3000:1 and to customize the projector for each installation. The inputs include HDMI 1.3, DVI-D, D-sub, BNC, and several other inputs are available. The projector will ship in November for $34,995.