Sanyo launches LP-Z3000 LCD projector sporting 120hz with 5:5 pull down

Daniel Lim - Sep 16, 2008, 9:53am CDT

Projector enthusiast looking to update their new beamer would appreciate the newest and most advanced home theater LCD projector from Sanyo. The company has replaced the widely popular LP-Z2000 with LP-Z3000, featuring industry’s first 120Hz 5:5 pulldown from 60hz inputs using Dynamic Predictive Frame Interpolation Technology. Native 1080/24p or 720/24p material is also supported with 4:4 pull down to 96hz.

The Full 1080P beamer when uses in Theater Black setting is capable to produce an ultra high contrast 65,000:1(dynamic) and 1,200 lumen in whisper quiet mode of 19db. Another major improvement is the use of high performance focus lens with three ED and two aspheric elements to reduce distortion, chromatic aberration and increase sharpness. Like most LCD projector, lens shift will be included. The Sanyo LP-Z3000 will be available in Japan from November 28, 2008 for 483,000 yen ($4,635). Ouch! It’s a serious contender for its class but pricey.

[update:US price and availability is $3,295 in December]

[via sanyo impress]

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