Sanyo develops 12x Blu-ray laser diode, boosts twice the capacity and speed

Sanyo has announced the development of a new a Blue Laser Diode, twice as fast and about the same size as Sharp's Blue-Violet, to offer multi-layer recording on Blu-rays disc up to 100GB in 10 minutes.

Current Blu-ray production disc has dual layer of 25GB storage space. The 5.6mm Sanyo's compact diode is capable of emitting 450mw, which allows four-layer of Blu-ray burning at the speed of 12x. The new laser will permit Blu-ray disc to offer 8 hours of SD or 2 hours of HD movies burning in just 10 minutes!

Unfortunately the new diode is still a work in progress according to Sanyo. The company said it will take another 2 to 3 years before production takes place.