Sansa TakeTV and Fanfare beta

James Allan Brady - Oct 22, 2007

Today SanDisk is announcing an end to end PC to TV video solution. Basically what it enables you to do is browse on your computer for TV shows, and I am sure other video, and download it, then move it from your PC to the TV where you would normally watch that type of stuff.

No more squinting in front of a PC monitor to watch the latest episode of House! The content on Fanfare is free for now, but they are/will be offering your choice of free (supported by ads) or paid content.

Basically the hardware connects to your TV, the software is installed on your PC, the in between is a sneakernet with a flash drive that comes with the hardware. They come in either 4GB or 8GB capacities, there is even a remote that’s sort of built in/comes with the hardware. The 8GB model will cost you $149 and is available for pre-order now the 4GB model is $99 and is also available for pre-order.

The Fanfare software is still in beta, but you can download it and search their library, check ahead of time if they carry the shows that you enjoy to see if it would be a worthwhile purchase for you. This could be a real killer for the Apple TV, I mean it offers almost exactly the same functionality, just less storage space, and slightly less convenient/more convenient depending on how often you move around, but it’s a lot cheaper too, and the service that backs it makes it far more worthwhile.

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