Sanko is analog wristwatch with digital video capture

Too many over the edge digital spy gadgets we've seen; but this one is kickin' it old school, an analog wristwatch with full-feature digital video camera that is capable of capturing both images and sounds.

From the surface, the Sanko appears like a typical wristwatch that only your grandfather would wear, but it's not an ordinary time piece; beneath the casual design and needles, the Sanko is packed with a 4GB memory, microphone, USB port and last but not least, a video camera that's capable of capturing motion images in the form of AVI H.263 352x288 format at 900kbps and 12fps.

With a full 4-hour charging time, the built-in storage allows 2-hour of continued recording. Captured videos can be transfer to PC running XP/Vista via the USB port. Available now in Japan, the Sanko analog video watch will set you back $150