SanDisk Sansa e280 Player Confirmed

Benjamin Nied - Jul 11, 2006

It would appear that the iPod nano has a new competitor to contend with for Flash player supremacy. While the nano is still the undisputed king of really tiny Flash memory players, SanDisk’s Sansa e280 offers something that the Apple player lacks; 8 GB of memory. The e280 has been the subject of a good amount of speculation recently, with several sites posting photos of the new Sansa player before SanDisk themselves had announced it (which they still haven’t). However, the player appeared (briefly) on SanDisk’s site, which confirms that the new Sans is real and consumer-bound.

The second-most popular digital audio player manufacturer after Apple, SanDisk mde sure that their Sansa players were noteworthy devices, and the e280 looks like it will continue that tradition. No official specifications have been released for the e280, though we suspect it’ll be a music/picture/video player like its brethren. The MSRP should be around $280 (similar to the price point of the e270, which launched a few months back). So, if you’re looking for a good Flash media player, the SanDisk Sansa is a worthy competitor to Apple’s iPod nano; take a look and see if it’ll do what you need.

[via Anything But iPod]

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