SanDisk providing microSD cards for MetroPCS Android smartphones

We mentioned last week that MetroPCS was getting its first Android smartphone on the LTE network called the Samsung Galaxy Indulge. The phone sounds interesting on its own and it will ship with a microSD card from SanDisk that has 4GB of storage.

The card is also pre-loaded with a full copy of Iron Man 2. The downside to the name brand microSD card with the full-length action flick is that the memory card is "intelligent." What that means is that each time the user of the Android device uses the microSD card it will contact the MetroPCS servers and monitor their content use.

SanDisk and MetroPCS says that the usage statistics are anonymous, but few people like to have their content consumption monitored for any reason. MetroPCS says the eavesdropping on the content use will allow them to personalize the content they offer to users.