SanDisk Professional storage solutions are made for Hollywood

Many people these days extol saving your files to the cloud and cloud storage providers have likewise expanded to target enterprise customers with features like encryption, backups, and the like. While that seems to be fine for the majority of professional office work, there are other professional enterprises where cloud storage just doesn't cut it. Creative industries, like those in movie-making and photography, still rely on local data storage and Western Digital's new SanDisk Professional brand is taking aim at that segment with premium-sounding, and possibly premium-priced, storage solutions.

While cloud-based storage has the benefit of being accessible everywhere, it still has a bottleneck when it comes to reading and writing data even with the fastest Internet connection available. Especially when it comes to working with hi-res images and videos, massive drives and fast data cards are still the go-to solutions for the entertainment industry. SanDisk, unsurprisingly, namedrops Hollywood pros as some of its loyal customers.

Not all drives and cards are created equal, of course, and most consumer products don't have the same high level of reliability or assurances in order to keep prices low. SanDisk Professional, on the other hand, is clearly aimed at companies or even individuals that will spare no expense when it comes to data storage and it is offering an initial set of four products made for pros.

For videographers and cinematographers, the combination of the SanDisk PRO-CINEMA CFexpress VPG400 card and matching PRO-READER devices promise a smooth and uninterrupted workflow from camera to computer. The SanDisk PRO-DOCK 4 offers multiple readers for different kinds of cards as well as USB-A and USB-C ports as an all-in-one hub for all data transfer needs. Finally, SanDisk will also be launching a 4TB G-DRIVE NVMe SSD with ArmorLock Encryption for transportable, enterprise-grade storage.

While the new SanDisk Professional data drives are scheduled to launch in June, the rest are still expected to launch sometime in Summer. Of course, given the target market, it should be no surprise if these enterprise-grade solutions also come with enterprise-grade price tags.