SanDisk's Vaulter launches your loading speeds

SanDisk is producing a solid state drive that works side by side your existing hard drive, to speed up booting, and eliminate long load times on frequently used files. The drive is in PCI Express form, so it will work in your desktop or notebook computers.

The Vaulter can store your computer's OS, almost eliminating the painstaking process of booting your computer. It will also carefully select frequently used files and store them for instant access. All the while your hard drive can still be used for mass storage, and for files and applications that don't require the speed that flash delivers.

This is a perfect solution for digital pack rats like myself, who need lots of storage space for files that are rarely accessed. But, the important stuff loads lightning fast. The drives will come in 8gb and 16gb capacities. We should get a lot more information on this cool innovation at next years CES, in Las Vegas.

SanDisk unveils vaulter disk [via coolest-gadgets]