Samsung’s Smart Bike concept is beautiful

Nate Swanner - Jun 15, 2014, 10:50am CDT
Samsung’s Smart Bike concept is beautiful

While other OEMs are taking their connected ambitions to the street via automobiles, Samsung is going a different route. Rather than get involved in the traffic jam that is connected cars, Samsung has created a smart bike that aims to keep you safe and sound. And like any good connected anything does, it tracks your data via your smartphone.

The bike has lasers that project onto the road, creating visibility for those around you. Displaying what amounts to a virtual bike lane, the idea is that others will know you’re there, giving you a sense of spacial belonging on your bike ride. A magnetic mount on the center of the handlebars gives your Samsung smartphone a home.

What makes it smart, though? An arduino computer works in conjunction with your smartphone, connecting your bike to your handset. Track rides, see who else is around in real-time, and even share via a social platform. There is also a rear-facing camera which can give you a look behind you without having to actually look back.

Samsung created the bike to highlight the best in Italian design. Working with the Maestro Academy, which they helped found this year, aims to preserve “Italian craftsmanship in the digital age”. There are no known plans to release the smart bike, but it’s one we’re sure many would like to see on the road and in their homes.

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