Samsung's new USB cable lets you charge three devices at once

Charging more than one gadget at a time can involve jumping through a few hoops — either you don't have enough cables for them all, or you're short a USB port or outlet. This results in charging some devices partially, swapping in different ones, and never having quite enough battery life when you need it. Samsung is targeting that issue with its newly unveiled three-in-one USB cable.

The white USB cable has three charging ends, plugging into a wall outlet and up to three gadgets. The power will be split accordingly, giving however many are attached their share of the juice. According to Samsung, a 2A charge is split without favoritism to the devices connected, whether there's one or three.

If you have three devices plugged into all three ends, for example, each device will be getting up to 667mA. If you have only two devices plugged in, each will get up to 1A, and, obviously, if you only plug one in, it'll get up to 2A.

Samsung promises the cable is portable enough to be stuffed in your pocket. The unit is not yet available (it is listed as "coming soon" on the company's website), and is priced at $39.99 USD. It isn't clear when the cable will begin shipping to buyers.

VIA: Android Community