Samsung's Instinct S30 hands-on

Samsung announced the followup to the incredibly successful Instinct: The Instinct S30. There are a few changes, most notably the shape and form. The S30 is rounded on the corners, and is slightly wider, yet slimmer. It's lightweight, has a textured grip, and feels good in the hands.

The display has been increased in size from 3.1" to 3.2" (crazy, I know) and the phone works and feels just like an Instinct. They included Opera Mini 4.2 on the phone to give users another full HTML web browser option. They have made some changes to the inside of the phone, including new software to sync calendars from your desktop to the phone (something I can personally vouch for as a needed feature) and added support for higher-capacity microSD cards, above 8GB.

The biggest news from the Instinct is the core set of API's that are now available to developers who want to access the core functionality of the phone to create more sophisticated applications. This is good news for anyone who is looking for a phone with applications from their favorite developers, but doesn't want to dish out for a more expensive device.

The Instinct S30 will launch April 19th for $130 on contract.