Samsung's IFA 2016 invite is unambiguously about the Gear S3

Unless Samsung has a surprise high profile smartphone in the works for IFA 2016, which would make it perhaps this year's best kept secret, the manufacturer's spotlight in Berlin next month will be trained on the Gear S3. That definitely seems to be the hint that Samsung has dropped in its invitation to its IFA 2016 press event. While there are no words to indicate it, the clock hands pretty much tell the story, without telling anything nor everything. And considering Samsung has no other notable smartwatch to speak of, it's definitely going to be the Gear S3.

After what felt like a never-ending hiatus, smartwatches seem to be poised for a comeback next month. Probably before Apple reveals its new Apple Watches, we are going to behold new smartwatches, both from the Android Wear camp as well as Samsung's lone Tizen smartwatch, the Gear S line.

Based on previous leaks and rumors, Samsung isn't going to change the formula for the Gear S3, especially after it seemed to have brought the wearable device no small amount of interest. So while the invitation graphic below makes no hint of it, expect the Gear S3 to still have that rotary control bezel.

Truth be told, not much about the Gear S3 is known and there have been very few speculations on exciting new features to expect, which is actually a situation shared by almost all smartwatches. There is, however, talk of the addition of a barometer and even an altimeter. These sensors will be crucial in allowing the smartwatch to give more accurate location and altitude readings,. Coincidentally, the Apple Watch 2 is also expected to add a barometer to its list of features as well.

Samsung's press conference will take place in Berlin on September 1st, starting at 11:00. Hopefully it will have more than just a smartwatch to show on stage, though if it does have anything else, it isn't exactly saying much.

VIA: SamMobile