Samsung Zipel Oven Goes for Under $600, Combines Microwave and Traditional Oven with Steamer

Having all-in-one gadgets doesn't just mean for your PC or printer. At least, it shouldn't. And we're glad to see that Samsung shares our same ideas, as they've just begun to show off their Zipel oven. It's designed for Koreans, as the company is marketing it for "Korean tastes," but just looking at this perfectly sized device, and considering everything it can do, we're pretty sure this will get eyeballed by a lot more folks than just Koreans.

The Zipel is designed to combine your traditional oven, a microwave, and even a steamer, and package it all in a nicely-designed box. And considering the steamer function, along with everything else, the Zipel is perfectly capable of cooking pretty much anything you'd ever want to eat, even if it is healthy. And with touch controls on the front, you won't have to worry about any pesky dials.

Just to tantalize us even more, Samsung even included voice activation. It comes with over 160 settings, so you don't actually have to try and cook your favorite macaroni and cheese dish — it'll take care of that for you. The Zipel will sell for just under $600 for the full rig, including the steamer functionality. But if you don't think you'll ever use that, you can get a steam-less version for just around $250. That price seems more than reasonable, especially if students all over the place start getting rid of their hot plates.

[via OhGizmo!]